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Turtle Journal – Best Daily Productivity Planner and Calendar – Reach Your Goals, Be Productive, Develop Life Balance, Live with Gratitude – Hardcover, Non Dated (Dark Charcoal – 2018/2019)

Price: £21.88

Are you conquering your day? Do you end each day with a sense of accomplishment?

If not, you’re not alone. More and more of us are feeling like we’re pulled in all different directions and living a life without purpose. Over time, it can leave us with the sense of feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Turtle Journal Was Designed to Help You Live The Life You Were Meant to Live!

Don’t be afraid to set big goals! Our planner helps you break down your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable milestones that you can spread across 13 weeks. Our planner adopts the SMART Goals system for inevitable success!

We wanted to create simple yet effective layouts that you could easily use on a daily basis. Every single page begins with an inspiring quote and is divided into four sections for daily planning.

● Morning Section – Express gratitude, practice optimism, and positive thinking everyday by writing affirmations related to success and prosperity.
● Night Section – Review your Day, things you’ve excelled in as well as areas of growth.
● Daily Plan – Schedule your day, set your daily targets and priority tasks you have to get done for the day.
● Life Balance – Write down the top 3 personal and external habits you would like to work on. Improve your mind, body and soul as well as your relationships with the world around you including your community, family or workplace.

Still not convinced? Here are some additional features:
● Made from recycled paper – High standards labor and manufacturing practices.
● Professional Cover – Modern, functional and sleek design. Made of premium linen, it comes with an Elastic Strap to keep everything together.
● Weight: 1lb – Compact Dimensions – 5.75″ x 8.25″
● Lies Flat on Table and even includes a Paper Pocket!

Move Forward with the TURTLE JOURNAL TODAY!📖 REACH YOUR DREAMS – Turtle Journal will help you focus on you vision and dreams. Make the most of your days by incorporating productivity and gratitude techniques into your daily life. Set a priority to-do list, batch similar tasks and get things done effectively. Turn those dreams into reality. If you miss a day, don’t sweat it, this day planner is non-dated; pick up where you left off.
📖 BLAST THROUGH YOUR GOALS – Our hardcover journal keeps you on track to reach your goals through actionable steps. Each day you write down your most important targets in the daily pages. This in turn will help you reach your weekly goals found in the weekly pages. We’ve designed the journal to help you become a productivity beast rather than just a busy bee.
📖 DEVELOP POSITIVE LIFE HABITS – Maintain an internal balance with yourself and an external balance with your surroundings. Internal balance can be seen as those related to your mind, body and soul such as meditation, working out, eating healthy, or reading. External Balance are those that impact your relationships, life at work or at home, or your general involvement and purpose in the community and outside world.
📖 YOUR ULTIMATE PARTNER TO SUCCESS – Weighting only 1lb with compact dimensions of 5.75″ x 8.25″, take it with you wherever you go during a busy day at work or while traveling. Suitable for entrepreneurs, busy professionals, students, teachers, moms or anyone who needs to achieve real work-life balance and focus life’s essentials.
📖 GUARANTEED TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE – We’re so confident about our 3-month planning system that we offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Let’s move you forward! 🥂


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