Tiny Headed Kingdom Sloth ‘Heep’ 6.75in

Tiny Headed Kingdom Sloth 'Heep' 6.75in

Nobody knows for certain where the Tiny Headed Kingdom lies. Is it far beyond the seas? Just over the mountains? Maybe right under our noses? But one day, without explanation and as if by magic, the strangest animals began to appear, like balloons or lollipops or birthday cakes or other fun things that are mostly round.The animals had tiny heads and great big hearts and as everyone soon discovered – all they wanted to do was hug. Born on January 17th, Heep is very lazy. His tiny head doesn’t believe in words like hurry. One day, Heep woke up quite late. He only had two hours to get dressed, eat breakfast, and catch the bus. He decided to go back to sleep. Heep stands 6.75inches tall. Not suitable for children under 2 years.

Buy it now from Calendar Club for only £9.99.

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