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Jigraphy: Flags, Capitals, Currencies & Populations by The Happy Puzzle Company

Price: A Jigsaw, A Quiz And A Whole World Of Information Discover each country’s capital city, see if you know the national currency and find out the population too. The 121 jigsaw pieces have been cleverly cut as well to make the puzzle that bit more challenging! Follow the image included, or use your own knowledge to work out where ...

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Little Wigwam Flags And Capitals – 160 piece Jigsaw

Price: Which is the only country whose flag isn’t rectangular? Ouagadougou is the capital of which country? Find out these facts and more from our amazing Flags And Capitals jigsaw! Little Wigwam Everlasting Jigsaws also come with a unique guarantee to replace any lost pieces… there is no need to ever throw away a puzzle simply because a piece has ...

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World Capitals 2019 – Format L


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Bizarre London: Discover the Capital’s Secrets & Surprises

Price: A fascinating tour of London’s strangest and most intriguing locations. Ranging from architectural evidence of past incidents and stories of life beneath the city, to anecdotes of magic, mystery and murder, this is a perfect companion for the curious Londoner. It includes: A Museum of Magical Curiosities; The City’s Lost Tunnels and Citadels; The Ghost of a “She-Wolf; The ...

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