Valentines Day Cards

Cutting Dies for Card Making, Gemini_mall® Grid Lace Flower Background Frame Metal Cutting Dies DIY Scrapbooking Paper Cards Photo Album Craft Decor Stencil for Greeting Cards/Invitation Cards

Price: £1.89

Die Cutting Stencils For Household Embossing Wedding DIY Christmas Scrapbook Making Greeting Cards Album Cutting Paper Cards Scrapbook Die Cuts Decor Craft Embossing Paper Cards Album Diary Frames and Cutouts through fabric, paper or cardboard to make delicate pattern.
It is the perfect tool for a variety of creative activities and is suitable for every hobbyist from beginner to expert. The cutting dies are suitable for photo albums, card making, greeting cards, birthday cards, wedding cards, anniversary cards, mother’s day cards, father’s day cards, valentine’s day cards, thanksgiving cards, christmas cards, etc.
Compatible with all punching and embossing machines. Can be used with any embossing machines/cutting equipments to make greeting cards, gift bags.
Package include: 1 (set) Metal stamping or embossing dies cutting dies. Favorable embossing and cutting dies for designing cards.

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Delicate cutting dies are made of carbon steel material. Size: 10cm x 10.3cm/3.94″ x 4.06″ (Approx.)
DIY tool suitable for invitations, greeting cards, gift, scrapbook and other handicrafts
It can be used on most die-cutting machines
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