2020 Planners

Cleaner Let’s Just Say I Get Shit Done: Funny Swearing Gift 2020 Dated Planner 8″x10″ Notebook 110 Pages Book

Price: £7.75

A clean, dated journal for year 2020. Funny, cursing cover that will bring smile to anyone seeing it. 

  1. Spread  humor and laughter with this one-of-a-kind planner that will serve as your  daily companion for 1 whole  year!
  2. Adult jokes and Funny memes as  covers.
  3. Peek inside to see some  humorous surprise too!
  4. Great  Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday gifts for a family, loved one, friend,  co-worker who needs a  laugh. 
  5. Handy 8 inches x 10  inches 
  6. 110 pages with enough space for  journaling, writing, doodling, sketching, even journal  stickers


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