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A Good Plan | Holistic Calendar for More Mindfulness and self-Love | undated Journal and Planner (Grey)

Price: £21.90

A Good Plan is a planner, life planning tool and project manager all combined in one. And it’s proper offline book, made of real paper and linen. A good plan is not a wellness book. Instead it’s more of an instruction manual on building a radically mindful life. That doesn’t mean we’ll tell you to drop everything and open an esoteric organic café in Nepal (unless you’re absolutely sure this is the only thing that’ll make you happy). Rather than do that, we want to dig a bit deeper and ask you some challenging questions. What makes you happy? And why? Might your dreams and ambitions turn out to just be romanticised ideas, or could they actually have real potential? Our own dream – the initial crowdfunding for Ein guter Plan – did turn out to have potential. Back then it was the most successful crowdfunding a European book had ever achieved. To date, we’ve sold more than 100,000 copies. That’s a stark contrast to the 600 books we’d originally aimed for.An integrated undated mindfulness planner – start any day you want.
More than 30 mindfulness techniques for more concentration and serenity in everyday life
52 tips to decrease stress and introduce more self-love
Monthly reviews and goals: define and monitor your most important monthly goals
Our innovative mindfulness monitor helps you catch stress patterns early on


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