Valentines Day Cards

3 Cards in 1 Pack Amazing Card in the box for Greeting Birthday, Wedding, Forever Love, Valentine, Happy Journey (Happy Journey)

Price: £9.90

Product: Card In A Box Package Size: 210mm x 300mm Material: Origami Cardstock Paper Net Weight: Approximate 0.25 kg/pack One set contains: Origami Base Card Paper x 3 Decorations Sheets Paper x 3 Decorations Stickers x 3 Transparent Standing Holder x 1 Decorations Accessories x 1 It’s easy to make a fantastic card Gift Box for someone special! These accessories can be also attached to cards, gifts, and anything you want to decorate. 3 different style gift box card in a set. Instructions: 1. Take out the sheets paper and fold along the lines, stick into a box. 2. Fold down three sides of the box along the crease line. 3. Take out two stickers and turnover along the crease line, stick them to the inside box. 4. Take out the decorative sheets paper and stick around the box. 5. Stick accessories to the transparent bracket, stick the transparent bracket to the stickers well- proportioned 6. Be creative to collect accessories to finish it.Fantastic Handmade Gift card in a Box
Greeting Happy Birthday, Wedding, Forever Love, Valentine
Amazing Colorful Greeting Card in Box
3 Greeting Cards in 1 Pack


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